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  • R.I.P. Venus Express: remembering eight years on the brink of hell

    Tomasz NowakowskiFebruary 3rd, 2015

    For one space probe, it was a hell of a ride to our “sister planet”, Venus. Eight long years of studying the inhospitable world was significantly more than ESA scientists expected from the mission. The Venus Express spacecraft launched on Nov. 9, 2005 and entered the orbit of its target planet on Apr. 11, 2006, was […]

  • Our Spaceflight Heritage: Venus Express begins a journey – to hell

    Heather SmithNovember 8th, 2014

    The Venus Express spacecraft was launched atop a Soyuz-Fregat rocket on Nov. 8, 2005 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.  The Fregat upper stage was fired twice. The first ignition moved Venus Express onto a sub-orbital trajectory – and started a mission that eventually see the craft in polar orbit above Venus – providing scientists with a deeper understanding […]