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  • NASA studying farming in space to support trips to Mars

    Bart LeahyFebruary 17th, 2017

    KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla. — Children might not want to hear this, but, if they want to be the first astronaut on Mars, they’ll need to eat their vegetables. To account for that painful truth, NASA has several space farming projects to ensure people living and working in space get fresh green stuff as part of their diet.

  • Kjell Lindgren talks with students of his high school alma mater

    Derek RichardsonOctober 6th, 2015

    Astronaut Kjell Lindgren answered questions from students of Robinson Secondary School in Fairfax, Virginia during an in-flight event on Oct. 5, 2015. Lindgren, who graduated in 1991 at Robinson, spoke to hundreds of students via video about topics ranging from science, engineering as well as personal questions about life in space.

  • Why NASA’s space lettuce is a game changer

    Jason RhianAugust 24th, 2015

    While there has been a lot said about how NASA has used its VEGGIE experiment on the International Space Station, the "why" of how this could revolutionize spaceflight. The quickest, most obvious way to highlight the importance of this is by asking a question: "What's lighter – a spacecraft loaded with meals for crew members or a packet of seeds?"