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  • Review: Weir focuses on the Moon with ‘Artemis’

    Jason RhianNovember 14th, 2017

    Over the course of the past year, public and private officials have altered their focus from Mars to a much closer target – Earth's Moon. Now, Andy Weir whose breakout success was based on the adventures of a castaway on the Red Planet has followed suit with his latest offering – Artemis.

  • “The Martian” cast members visit NASA’s Johnson Space Center

    Juan Diego DelagarzaSeptember 16th, 2015

    On Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2015, NASA's Johnson Space Center (JSC), located near Houston, Texas, hosted cast members from the soon-to-be-released 20th Century Fox motion picture, “The Martian.” The event was held in order to discuss the difference between science-fiction and science fact.

  • Preview: Andy Weir’s ‘The Martian’

    J.D. TaylorJuly 30th, 2015

    It is the movie many space tech enthusiasts have been waiting for: a big-screen adaptation of Andy Weir’s book “The Martian”. Directed by Ridley Scott, the movie, like the book, promises to be a technically-accurate, action-packed story of human ingenuity and endurance on Mars.