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  • Wings of exploration: reflecting on the 40th anniversary of the space shuttle

    Matt HaskellApril 12th, 2021

    The launch of the space shuttle on April 12, 1981, proved to be a history-making event. For many, that day stemmed careers, dreams and imaginations alike.

  • Our SpaceFlight Heritage: Hail Columbia

    Jason RhianApril 14th, 2016

    With STS-1, the U.S. was once again able to send crews to orbit. After six years of inactivity, the U.S. was back in the business of sending people to orbit again. On this date in space flight history, the nation that landed men on the Moon showed the world a new way of returning crews from orbit.

  • Our Spaceflight Heritage: This Day in Spaceflight History

    Gregory CecilApril 12th, 2015

    April 12 is a historic day in terms of human spaceflight. Today marks the 54th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s flight on Vostok 1 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in the former Soviet Union. He was the first human to ever fly in space. Twenty years later, in 1981, the first reusable spacecraft Columbia was launched from […]

  • Our Spaceflight Heritage: STS-1- The start of a new era

    NASAApril 12th, 2014

    On this day in 1981, Space Shuttle Columbia stood on launch Pad 39A, two astronauts sat strapped into their seats on the flight deck preparing its maiden launch of the program – STS-1. 

  • 2014 Astronaut Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

    Jason RhianFebruary 8th, 2014

    KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla. – Two space shuttle veterans have been tapped to enter into the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame (AHoF). The announcement was made on Feb. 7 at the Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida. The duo selected to enter the AHoF included the first astronaut to […]