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  • Review: The Science Channel’s Challenger Disaster

    Jason RhianNovember 20th, 2013

    After of day of staring up into mostly-cloudy skies, I was very tired. However, I had seen promotions for The Discovery Channel’s “The Challenger Disaster” and wanted to watch it. After filing and editing stories, I was hoping for…well, I don’t know what I was hoping for. I wanted something that spoke to me as […]

  • Opinion: Dream Chaser malfunction reveals failings of NewSpace supporters, New Media

    Jason RhianNovember 3rd, 2013

    Last week on Saturday, October 26,  the Engineering Test Article (ETA) of Sierra Nevada Corporation’s Dream Chaser spacecraft conducted its first free flight test. Most of the mission was a complete success. However, the final leg of the mission encountered problems, and in so doing openly displayed how the company, its supporters and NASA handled […]