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  • Atlas V rocket sends two payloads to orbit for Space Force

    Theresa CrossJuly 2nd, 2022

    United Launch Alliance orbited two satellites atop an Atlas V 541 rocket for the United States Space Force and Department of Defense.

  • ULA set to launch GOES-T weather satellite for NOAA

    Theresa CrossFebruary 28th, 2022

    United Launch Alliance is preparing to fly an Atlas V rocket to send the GOES-T satellite into space for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

  • ‘Big Slider’ Atlas V launches the USSF-8 mission

    Theresa CrossJanuary 21st, 2022

    United Launch Alliance flew its first and only “Big Slider” Atlas V rocket to send two satellites into space for the United States Space Force.

  • Vulcan booster rolled to Florida pad for fueling tests

    Theresa CrossAugust 27th, 2021

    A test article for United Launch Alliance’s Vulcan rocket was rolled out to the company’s Cape Canaveral Launch pad in advance of cryogenic testing.

  • SBIRS GEO 5 missile defense satellite launched for US Space Force

    Theresa CrossMay 18th, 2021

    A United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket lifted off from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida to send the SBIRS GEO 5 satellite into space for U.S. Space Force and Missile Systems Center.

  • What’s in a name? Mars 2020 wouldn’t know, it doesn’t have one – yet

    James RiceDecember 30th, 2019

    NASA's Mars 2020 rover is on the verge of traveling to the Red Planet and beginning its search for evidence of Martian life. But it's missing something very important.

  • ULA gets the nod to launch GOES-T satellite

    SpaceFlight InsiderDecember 23rd, 2019

    NASA has selected a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V rocket to ferry the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES)-T to orbit.

  • OFT: What went wrong?

    Jim SiegelDecember 21st, 2019

    NASA and Boeing don't seem to know what exactly prevented the OFT Starliner from completing its primary mission objective.

  • Gallery: ULA launches OFT-1 Starliner

    SpaceFlight InsiderDecember 20th, 2019

    While Boeing's Starliner spacecraft might not have made a very good first showing under its first Commercial Crew Program (CCP) flight - United Launch Alliance's Atlas V N422 was a complete success.

  • Boeing Blunder! Starliner timing failure prevents ISS rendezvous

    SpaceFlight InsiderDecember 20th, 2019

    "Unplanned but stable." That's how Boeing referred to the first flight of its Starliner "space taxi." In layman's terms, the spacecraft was placed in the wrong orbit and won't be going to the International Space Station.

  • Report suggests NASA made a $1.6B Boeing mistake

    Patrick AttwellNovember 15th, 2019

    A damning new report released by NASA’s Office of Inspector General paints a dismal picture of NASA's Commercial Crew Program. The report suggests one of the two participants attempted to extort the space agency for more money.

  • OPINION: SpaceX’s upcoming Starlink mission means more than ending Florida’s launch drought

    Curt GodwinNovember 3rd, 2019

    The Space Coast has not seen a liftoff since Aug. 22. SpaceX is set to launch the second group of its Starlink satellites on Nov. 11, ending a two-month "drought" of ground launches from Florida. This upcoming mission has a lot more riding on it other than just alleviating that.

  • Gallery: ULA completes third flight of 2019

    Jason RhianAugust 8th, 2019

    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — ULA launched an Atlas V rocket with the AEHF-5 on Thursday, Aug. 8 2019. The early morning flight marked an increasingly rare appearance for the venerable launch vehicle.

  • Anomaly pushes Atlas launch back again

    Jason RhianJuly 11th, 2019

    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla -- The launch of a ULA Atlas V rocket with the fifth AEHF satellite will have to wait a little longer before its flight.

  • Mars 2020 rover get rock-zapping SuperCam

    Jim SharkeyJuly 4th, 2019

    With its scheduled launch date just over a year away, work on NASA's Mars 2020 rover continues apace. In recent weeks, the rover has received MastCam-Z, its legs and wheels and its main robotic arm. and now one of the "big guns" of its scientific suite has been added to the rover.