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  • Space Center Houston opens SCA Independence exhibit

    Juan Diego DelagarzaJanuary 23rd, 2016

    HOUSTON — The operators of Space Center Houston unveiled their new exhibit honoring the NASA 905 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft's long history of supporting NASA's 30 year Space Shuttle Program. The event was held on Saturday, Jan. 23, at what has been dubbed "Independence Plaza."

  • Historic Mate-Demate Device demolished at KSC as part of center upgrades

    Collin SkocikFebruary 8th, 2015

    NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida is undergoing renovations to transform it into a multi-user spaceport. In the process, many of the historic buildings will be demolished and replaced with more efficient alternatives. One of Space Shuttle Program’s more iconic elements, the Mate-Demate Device (MDD), was demolished in late 2014 so that the facility could […]

  • Our Spaceflight Heritage: a piggyback ride for Enterprise

    Heather SmithAugust 12th, 2014

    On August 12, 1977, Space Shuttle Enterprise made its first glided test flight. During the test, she was piggybacked off a modified Boeing 747 airplane and glided safely to the floor of the Mojave Desert. Enterprise, the first orbiter built for the Space Shuttle Program, was used primarily for ground and flight tests within the […]