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  • New Horizons team releases images of Pluto’s far side

    Laurel KornfeldOctober 30th, 2019

    More than four years after New Horizons' historic July 2015 Pluto flyby, mission scientists have released detailed images of Pluto's far side, which the spacecraft was able to image only in low resolution on approach and following departure.

  • Space exploration takes center stage at Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017

    Jim SharkeyMay 1st, 2017

    SAN JOSE, Calif. — This year's Silicon Valley Comic Con (SVCC), held on April 21–23 at the San Jose Convention Center, added space exploration to the event's mix of pop culture and technology.

  • Sci-Fi names given to features on Pluto and Charon

    Laurel KornfeldAugust 7th, 2015

    Names of people and places from popular science fiction franchises are informally being given to features on Pluto and its largest moon, Charon, by the New Horizons team. Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, Robotech, H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos, and mythology are all represented in monikers chosen for craters on Charon.

  • Kepler Space Telescope discovers Earth-sized Planet in star’s habitable zone

    SpaceFlight InsiderApril 17th, 2014

    Today, astronomers working with the Kepler space telescope announced the discovery of the first Earth-sized exoplanet orbiting within the habitable zone of its host star. A star’s habitable zone is the area around a star where the conditions would be ideal for liquid water to pool on the planet’s surface. Many factors contribute to a planet’s […]

  • E.T. – are you out there?

    SpaceFlight InsiderMarch 23rd, 2014

    You and your wife are on a two-hour trip late at night in separate cars, travelling through dense fog. You need to talk but you can’t see her. She’s out there somewhere. The only mode of communication with her is a CB with a hundred different channels and no idea which one she might be […]