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  • Solar Electric Propulsion: ARRM an uncertain test for new technology

    Michael ColeFebruary 28th, 2016

    Continuing our story about the solar electric propulsion (SEP) program at NASA's Glenn Research Center and its proposed demonstration on the future Asteroid Redirect Robotic Mission (ARRM), the effort to design and build higher powered systems is a high priority at the center. Part of the reason for this urgency is that a high powered SEP engine is needed, most immediately, for the propulsion system of the ARRM and has been a high priority at NASA because the direction for it came straight from President Obama, himself.

  • Solar Electric Propulsion: NASA’s engine to Mars and Beyond

    Michael ColeFebruary 26th, 2016

    NASA is hard at work developing what they believe is the best space engine for future missions to Mars and beyond. It's not warp drive. No, nothing so exotic or dreamy. In fact, it already exists. The challenge is to enhance it for our needs in space in the coming decades. That is the hope, and the goal, of NASA's continuing development of solar electric propulsion.