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  • Report: ULA to layoff Vandenberg staff, potentially change name

    Jason RhianMarch 6th, 2017

    A recent report on Space News 360 noted that, according to an inside source, layoffs are imminent for United Launch Alliance (ULA). While news about a workforce for the company is not new (ULA stated as much in 2016), the report went on to note that the launch provider was considering changing its name.

  • ULA to offer ‘RapidLaunch’ service

    Derek RichardsonSeptember 15th, 2016

    The United Launch Alliance (ULA) announced on Sept. 13, 2016, a new service that allows a customer to place a launch order and fly in as little as three months. According to a news release, the service, called RapidLaunch, will be the fastest schedule from initial order to launch in the industry.