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  • QM-1 test fire turns Utah sand to glass in lead up to first flight of SLS

    Jason RhianMarch 11th, 2015

    PROMONTORY, Utah — The salt lake flats and deserts of Utah were lit ablaze as NASA and newly-merged Orbital ATK activated one of the boosters which the space agency plans to utilize to send crews to deep space destinations – such as an asteroid and perhaps Mars. The test was carried out at Orbital ATK’s Promontory, […]

  • SpaceFlight Insider’s Live Coverage of QM-1 Solid Rocket Motor Test

    Jason RhianMarch 11th, 2015

    PROMONTORY, Utah — Want to follow all the events from today’s historic test of the five-segment Qualification Motor 1? CLICK HERE! SpaceFlight Insider will have live coverage with SFI’s founder Jason Rhian, who will interview numerous guests to provide our viewers with exclusive coverage that they can’t find anywhere else! The Live Show is set […]

  • NASA, Orbital ATK ready SLS five-segment booster for QM-1 test firing

    Jason RhianMarch 8th, 2015

    PROMONTORY, Utah — Everything is “GO” for a planned static test-firing of a five-segment solid rocket booster (SRB) in the mountainous terrain of Utah. On March 11, NASA and Orbital ATK are planning on unsheathing “the most powerful” SRB from the support structure that currently surrounds it for the test – and then to activate the rocket […]