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  • Photos to Space to host Scott Carpenter memorial flight

    SpaceFlight InsiderOctober 16th, 2013

    Countdown To Liftoff!  On October 26, 2013, Photos To Space will launch the Scott Carpenter Memorial Flight to the edge of space. You can be a part of this historic adventure. Just upload your photo using the form below and follow along as we countdown to the flight.

  • The flight of Sigma 7

    Jeff DarlingOctober 8th, 2013

    1962: With the Space Race in full swing, and the Soviet Vostok 2 having successfully completed a lengthy 25-hour, 17.5-orbit flight the previous year, NASA was keen to push forward with the Mercury-Atlas (MA) program and experiment with longer-duration missions. Planning for MA-8 – the fifth and penultimate manned Mercury flight – began in February […]