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  • Sentinel-3A Earth-observing satellite successfully launches from Plesetsk

    Tomasz NowakowskiFebruary 16th, 2016

    Europe successfully launched the Sentinel-3A satellite on Tuesday, Feb. 16, expanding its fleet of Earth observation spacecraft. The satellite lifted off from Site 133/3 at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in northern Russia at 12:57 p.m. EST (17:57 GMT) atop a Russian Rokot booster.

  • European Sentinel-3A Earth observation satellite ready for launch from Plesetsk

    Tomasz NowakowskiFebruary 15th, 2016

    A Russian Rokot booster stands ready at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome, in northern Russia. It is primed to send a European Earth-observing satellite into space on Tuesday, Feb. 16. The Sentinel-3A spacecraft is scheduled to lift off from Plesetsk’s Site 133/3 at 12:57 p.m. EST (17:57 GMT).

  • Russia launches its latest GLONASS-M navigation satellite into orbit

    Tomasz NowakowskiFebruary 7th, 2016

    A Russian Soyuz-2.1b rocket thundered into space from Site 43/4 at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Arkhangelsk Region of Russia. Its payload was the latest GLONASS-M satellite. Liftoff took place at 7:21 p.m. EST on Saturday, Feb. 6 (00:21 GMT on Sunday, Feb. 7).

  • Lost Russian Kanopus-ST satellite falls back to Earth over the Atlantic

    Tomasz NowakowskiDecember 10th, 2015

    A Russian defense satellite launched Dec. 5, has re-entered Earth’s atmosphere. The spacecraft, named Kanopus-ST, has burned up in the dense layers of the atmosphere with its debris sinking into the Atlantic. This marked the latest embarrassment for Russian space efforts.

  • Russian Soyuz-2.1v launch a partial failure

    Tomasz NowakowskiDecember 7th, 2015

    Two defense satellites were launched by a Russian Soyuz-2.1v rocket at 9:09 a.m. EST (14:09 GMT) on Dec. 5, 2015, from site LC-43/4 at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome. The mission was declared a success after the launch, but the latest media reports indicate that one of the satellites is likely lost.

  • Russian Soyuz-2.1b rocket successfully launches Tundra satellite

    Tomasz NowakowskiNovember 17th, 2015

    Russia successfully launched on Tuesday the first satellite for its newest early warning system, named EKS. A Soyuz-2.1b rocket, carrying the Tundra satellite, lifted off at 1:33 a.m. EST (06:33 GMT), Nov. 17, 2015, from Site 43/4 at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome, located in Northern Russia.

  • Russian Soyuz 2.1b to launch first satellite for EKS early warning system

    Tomasz NowakowskiNovember 16th, 2015

    Russia is readying a Soyuz-2.1b rocket to launch the first satellite of its newest early warning system called EKS (meaning Unified Space System). The spacecraft, named Tundra, is scheduled to lift off at 2:00 a.m. EST (7:00 GMT) on Tuesday, Nov. 17, from Site 43/4 at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome, located in Northern Russia.

  • Russia launches three Rodnik military satellites into orbit

    Tomasz NowakowskiSeptember 25th, 2015

    The Russian Aerospace Defence Forces (VKO) successfully launched a Rokot light-class carrier rocket with three Rodnik military satellites this week. The launch took place at 6:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, Sept. 23 (22:00 GMT; 1:00 a.m. Moscow Time Thursday, Sept. 24) from the launch site 133/3 at the Plesetsk Space Center, located in northwestern Russia.

  • Russian Angara rocket to launch commercial missions

    Tomasz NowakowskiJuly 22nd, 2015

    International Launch Services (ILS ) has announced that it will offer the new Russian Angara 1.2 rocket for commercial launches starting as early as 2017. The launches will be conducted from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Northern Russia and could mark a major change in terms of what type of boosters that the launch service provider uses to […]

  • Russia launches Persona-3 reconnaissance satellite

    Tomasz NowakowskiJune 23rd, 2015

    The Russian Aerospace Defence Forces have successfully launched the third Persona electro-optical reconnaissance satellite, also known as Kvarts (Quartz), on a Soyuz-2.1b carrier rocket, from site 43/4 at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome located in northern Russia. The launch took place, today, Tuesday, June 23 at 12:44 p.m. EDT (16:44 GMT).

  • Third spacecraft in troubled Persona series to be launched on June 23

    Tomasz NowakowskiJune 22nd, 2015

    Russian Aerospace Defence Forces plan to launch the newest Persona electro-optical reconnaissance satellite, also known as Kvarts (Quartz), on a Soyuz-2.1b carrier rocket, on June 23, from site 43/4 at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in northern Russia. The rocket will fly in the Soyuz 2-1b configuration with a modernized digital flight control system and upgraded third […]

  • Russia puts Kobalt-M military satellite into orbit

    Tomasz NowakowskiJune 5th, 2015

    Russian Aerospace Defense Forces successfully launched the Kobalt-M photographic reconnaissance satellite on Friday at 6:24 p.m. Moscow time (11:24 a.m. EST; 15:24 GMT) from the site 43/4 at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in northern Russia. It was the first Soyuz-2.1a rocket launch since the failure of the Progress-M27M mission on April 28.

  • First Bars-M spy satellite for Russian military flies on Soyuz-2-1a

    Rae Botsford EndFebruary 27th, 2015

    As noted on the Russian Space News website Russian Space Web, at 6:01 a.m. EST (14:01 MSK, 1101 GMT) Friday, a Soyuz-2-1a rocket lifted off from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in the town of Mirny, north of Moscow, Russia, carrying the first Bars-M spy satellite for the Russian military. As is typical for classified Russian military missions, the launch was not […]

  • Russian Angara 5 heavy-lift rocket successfully launches on first test flight

    Josh TallisDecember 23rd, 2014

    On Dec. 23, Russia successfully launched the heavy-lift version of its long anticipated Angara 5 rocket. The launch was not broadcast live, but according to the Russian Federal Space Agency, the rocket left the pad on schedule at 8:57 local Moscow time (0557 GMT/ 12:57 EST). The Angara 5 is part of the Angara family […]

  • Russia Launches New-generation Navigation Satellite GLONASS-K into Orbit

    Tomasz NowakowskiDecember 1st, 2014

    A Soyuz-2.1b carrier rocket with the Fregat upper stage and a GLONASS-K new-generation navigation satellite has been launched from the Plesetsk space center in Russia’s northwestern Arkhangelsk Region, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Col. Alexey Zolotukhin said Monday.