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  • Launch of secretive X-37B delayed until May 20

    Joe LatrellApril 10th, 2015

    United Launch Alliance (ULA ) has announced the postponement of the Air Force Space Command mission, AFSPC-5. The current schedule puts the launch at taking place no earlier than May 20, 2015. ULA has stated that the delay was caused so as to accommodate a spacecraft issue that was encountered with the mission’s U.S. Air Force X-37B […]

  • Era of the ‘Mini Shuttle’ picks up speed with Chinese flight of Yuanzheng-1

    Jason RhianMarch 31st, 2015

    SpaceFlight Insider has been informed that the vehicle tested on March 30 – was not the Shenlong space plane pictured above, rather, a space bus upper stage. As reported on Want China Times, the Chinese National Space Agency launched the uncrewed Yuanzheng-1 (“Expedition”) mini space shuttle to orbit on March 30. It has been stated in the […]