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  • ‘A Shortfall of Gravitas’ arrives in Port Canaveral

    Theresa CrossJuly 18th, 2021

    On July 15, SpaceX’s newest drone ship, “A Shortfall of Gravitas,” made its way into Port Canaveral on Florida’s Space Coast.

  • Sunrise at the port: welcoming home Falcon 9 booster B1060.2

    Theresa CrossSeptember 6th, 2020

    It was a beautiful morning on the Space Coast of Florida as many gathered to watch another SpaceX first stage make its way into Port Canaveral. Arriving at the Cape early on Sunday, September 6, 2020, B1060.2 is fresh off its second mission which launched from LC-39A earlier in the week. B1060 first flew as […]

  • SpaceX successfully launches Booster for the sixth time

    Theresa CrossAugust 18th, 2020

    On August 18 at 10:31 a.m. EDT, SpaceX successfully launched the latest batch of 58 corporate satellites from Cape Canaveral Florida, destined to become part of their growing Starlink constellation.

  • Booster B1051 in port following Starlink-6 flight

    Theresa CrossApril 26th, 2020

    Booster B1051.4 returned to Port Canaveral on April 26, sailing into port slightly delayed relative to previous returns but looking good on the deck of the autonomous drone ship, Of Course I Still Love You (OCISLY).

  • SpaceX set to launch its seventh Starlink mission

    Cullen DesforgesApril 21st, 2020

    SpaceX will launch 60 Starlink satellites from LC-39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on Wednesday, April 22, 2020.

  • Remains of Falcon Heavy center core returned to port

    Derek RichardsonApril 18th, 2019

    A week after launching, what remains of the Falcon Heavy center core that toppled over because of rough seas has been returned to port.

  • 1st stage used for Crew Dragon launch returns to Port Canaveral

    Derek RichardsonMarch 5th, 2019

    The first stage of the Falcon 9 used for the historic Crew Dragon launch returned to port just three days after landing on a drone ship in the Atlantic.

  • Gallery: Telstar 18v Falcon 9 leaves Canaveral through skies, returns via the sea

    Jason RhianSeptember 12th, 2018

    Another day another launch - and landing. SpaceFlight Insider's team of photographers captured exclusive imagery of the first stage of the Falcon 9's journey.

  • Twice-launched Falcon 9 first stage returned to Port Canaveral

    Bart LeahyApril 4th, 2017

    PORT CANAVERAL, Fla. — Just before 7 a.m. EDT (11:00 GMT) Tuesday, April 4, 2017, SpaceX’s Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship "Of Course I Still Love You" entered the port carrying the first successfully reflown first stage of an orbital-class rocket, the Falcon 9.

  • After hard landing, Falcon 9 first stage back at Port Canaveral

    Derek RichardsonJune 2nd, 2016

    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — For the third time, a SpaceX Falcon 9 first stage returned to Port Canaveral via a drone ship after launching toward the heavens from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) five days prior. The booster landed at sea some 400 miles (644 kilometers) downrange less than 10 minutes after liftoff.

  • Space community waits for return of OCISLY with SpaceX’s CRS-8 Falcon 9

    Jason RhianApril 11th, 2016

    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — Ever since SpaceX carried out the first completely successful landing of its Falcon 9 FT rocket's first stage on the "Of Course I Still Love You" ASDS positioned out in the Atlantic Ocean, the space community and the public have been waiting for the triumphant return to port of the unique vehicle.