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  • NASA selects team to build next-generation planet-finding instrument

    Tomasz NowakowskiMarch 30th, 2016

    Planet-hunting space telescopes may soon get a helping hand from Earth as NASA advances work on a next-generation instrument designed to search for alien worlds. On March 29, the agency announced the selection of a research team that will build a $10 million cutting-edge tool, named NEID.

  • Fear no asteroid: an interview with astronomer Judit Györgyey-Ries

    Tomasz NowakowskiJune 8th, 2015

    Should humanity be afraid that someday a huge asteroid would fulfill one of the apocalyptic scenarios envisaged for Earth, where a space rock smashes into our planet causing a global disaster? Judit Györgyey-Ries, an experienced astronomer at the University of Texas’ McDonald Observatory, is working to calm these fears with a scientific approach to the matter.

  • Testing begins on a new instrument to be added to NASA’s flying observatory

    Britt RawcliffeJune 5th, 2014

    NASA’s Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) is getting outfitted with a new instrument which is set to provide astronomers and scientists with observations only possible from the sky. The high-resolution, mid-infrared spectrograph, called the Echelon-Cross-Echelle Spectrograph (EXES), began testing on the nights of April 7 and 9, according to Matthew Richter, leader of the […]

  • Total lunar eclipse set to stun skywatchers April 15

    Chris HetlageApril 7th, 2014

    In 2014, there will be two total lunar eclipse’s visible from Earth, April 15 and October 8.  The first eclipse will occur on the evening of April 14, or the morning of April 15, depending on your location.  A lunar eclipse is when the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon and, as a […]