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  • Experts weigh in on the year ahead in space

    Jason RhianFebruary 27th, 2016

    SFI reached out to experts in the space arena to get their view on what they thought would be the major events the public should be on the lookout for in 2016 – and beyond. Their responses were as varied as their backgrounds – highlighting the current dynamic state of space exploration efforts.

  • Insider Interview: Nicole Stott talks leaving NASA, orbital artistry

    Jason RhianJuly 26th, 2015

    Nicole P. Stott, a space flight veteran, having flown to orbit twice on NASA’s now-retired Space Shuttle Discovery, has decided to depart the agency so she can follow other pursuits. She is not walking away from promoting the benefits of space exploration or inspiring the next generation of engineers and astronauts who will ride fire to orbit.

  • Nicole Stott retires from NASA after 27 years of service

    Joe LatrellJune 5th, 2015

    Astronaut Nicole Passonno Stott, a 27 year veteran with NASA, is retiring from the space agency. Stott flew two space missions to the International Space Station (ISS ) including a long-duration stay on board the orbiting lab. Stott will now be pursuing a career as a full-time artist. She also plans to be an advocate for science, […]