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  • VSS Unity conducts test flight that nearly reaches space

    Jason RhianDecember 13th, 2018

    Virgin Galactic's program designed to kick off space tourism has just reached another milestone with a flight that almost reached the edge of space. 

  • One Vision: Virgin Galactic unveils ‘Unity’ to the world

    Matthew KuhnsFebruary 19th, 2016

    MOJAVE AIR AND SPACEPORT, Ca. — With all the pomp the public has come to expect from the company, Virgin Galactic has unveiled the new SpaceShipTwo, Unity, to the world. The spacecraft was revealed during a ceremony held on Feb. 19, 2016, at the Mojave Air and Spaceport.

  • SS2 disaster: Interview with Carolynne Campbell-Knight, rocket engineer

    Merryl AzrielNovember 13th, 2014

    In the aftermath of the SpaceShipTwo disaster that injured one pilot and took the life of another on Oct. 31, Carolynne Campbell-Knight was in great demand as media around the world struggled to understand the technology of this suborbital plane, itself powered by a hybrid engine. But Campbell-Knight doesn’t work in the aerospace industry and […]