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  • MIPS in space: Inside JAXA’s Hayabusa-2 mission to asteroid rendezvous

    SpaceFlight InsiderNovember 8th, 2015

    A Q&A interview with Associate Professor Yuichi Tsuda, Ph.D., the project manager for Hayabusa-2, about the use of the 64-bit MIPS CPU aboard the Hayabusa-2 probe and its mission to asteroid 162173 Ryugu. Hayabusa-2 is aimed at completing Hayabusa's mission objectives and will attempt to return a sample of the asteroid to Earth.

  • Back to the future: 64-bit MIPS CPU explores the origins of the Solar System

    SpaceFlight InsiderNovember 7th, 2015

    A report on the specially-developed 64-bit MIPS-based CPU installed on the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's (JAXA) Hayabusa-2 spacecraft that is en route to a rare asteroid – 162173 Ryugu (1999 JU3) – to explore the origin of the Solar System. The Hayabusa-2 probe is designed to follow upon the Hayabusa in completing mission objectives, as well as returning a sample of the asteroid back to Earth.