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  • BepiColombo probe captures its first close photos of Mercury

    Theresa CrossOctober 6th, 2021

    The first views of Mercury by the BepiColombo spacecraft were snapped as the mission made a gravity assist pass by the planet.

  • Christopher Kraft leaves behind powerful legacy with passing

    Steve HammerJuly 22nd, 2019

    JOHNSON SPACE CENTER, Texas -- Although his name isn't as well-known as Alan Shepard, John Glenn or Neil Armstrong, without the efforts of Christopher C. Kraft, NASA would likely never have left orbit let alone sent men to the Moon. Kraft passed away on Monday, July 22 at the age of 95.

  • Ariane 5 rocket begins BepiColombo’s journey to Mercury

    Tomasz NowakowskiOctober 19th, 2018

    Lighting up the skies above the jungles of French Guiana, an Ariane 5 rocket sent a multi-faceted and international mission on its way to the planet Mercury.

  • BepiColombo mission to Mercury on track for April 2018 launch

    Tomasz NowakowskiJuly 21st, 2016

    Humanity’s next visitor to the Solar System’s innermost planet remains on track for launch in April 2018, according to the project’s scientist. The BepiColombo mission, being developed jointly by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), is currently ahead of its final acceptance tests that will prepare it for shipment to the launch site.

  • MESSENGER mission to end this month with crash into Mercury

    SpaceFlight InsiderApril 17th, 2015

    After some 3,922 days in space, NASA’s MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging (MESSENGER) spacecraft will run out of propellant and crash into the surface of Mercury, ending a successful mission to study the chemical composition, geology, and magnetic field of the planet closest to the Sun.

  • NASA’s MESSENGER probe to fly close to Mercury before final boost

    Jim SharkeyJanuary 7th, 2015

    After more than 10 years in space and nearly four years orbiting the planet Mercury, NASA’s MESSENGER mission will soon draw to a close.  The spacecraft’s propellent supply is running low and it will eventually crash into the surface of Mercury. On Jan. 21, MESSENGER will fire its thrusters in a 120-second burst which will […]

  • Friendship 7: February 20, 1962 – “Exploring Legends” interview with John Glenn

    SpaceFlight InsiderFebruary 20th, 2014

    On February 20, 1962, John Glenn boarded the Mercury Program’s Friendship 7 spacecraft to become the first American to orbit the Earth. To commemorate the 52nd anniversary of that event, The Spaceflight Group’s Social Media Director, Stacey Severn, shares her blog article about a memorable interview with Senator Glenn in New York City last spring

  • NASA’s Deep Space Network Turns 50

    Press ReleaseDecember 21st, 2013

    NASA’s Deep Space Network, the world’s largest and most powerful communications system for “talking to” spacecraft, will reach a milestone on Dec. 24: the 50th anniversary of its official creation.

  • NASA’s Tektite II undersea habitat: An interview with aquanaut & engineer Peggy Lucas Bond

    SpaceFlight InsiderDecember 9th, 2013

    Tektite was the name given to an undersea project funded by NASA from 1969-70. Tektites are impact glasses formed by large meteorite impacts, and the Tektite habitat was named after these shiny fused bits of material that were seen at the bottom of the ocean. The habitat was located off the coast of St. John, in the […]

  • Astronomers confirm first Earth-sized rocky exoplanet

    Paul Scott AndersonNovember 4th, 2013

    For the first time, an exoplanet orbiting another star has been discovered which is similar to Earth in size, mass and composition, it was announced on October 30, 2013. Astronomers confirmed the finding using data from the Kepler space telescope.

  • Photos to Space to host Scott Carpenter memorial flight

    SpaceFlight InsiderOctober 16th, 2013

    Countdown To Liftoff!  On October 26, 2013, Photos To Space will launch the Scott Carpenter Memorial Flight to the edge of space. You can be a part of this historic adventure. Just upload your photo using the form below and follow along as we countdown to the flight.