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  • MAVEN survives shutdown, ready for November 18 launch

    Jim SiegelOctober 29th, 2013

    During an October 28, 2013, news briefing, NASA and Mission officials revealed that the Mars Atmospheric and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) Mission is back on track for its planned November 18 launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station’s Space Launch Complex 41 (SLC-41) in Florida.  That Mission had been among the many NASA programs that had […]

  • NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft moves forward – despite government deficiencies

    Jason RhianOctober 7th, 2013

    NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft has been spared from the woes currently darkening much of the rest of the space agency. It was announced this week that despite the government shut down, the Mars Atmosphere Volatile EvolutioN (MAVEN) spacecraft would continue to receive funding via the Anti-Deficiency Act. NASA has determined that MAVEN meets the requirements of […]

  • Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution

    Jason RhianSeptember 29th, 2013

    The Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission (MAVEN), set to launch in 2013, will explore the planet’s upper atmosphere, ionosphere and interactions with the sun and solar wind. Scientists will use MAVEN data to determine the role that loss of volatile compounds—such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and water—from the Mars atmosphere to space has […]