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  • Massive SLS test stand completed at Marshall

    David BrownJanuary 13th, 2017

    NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, located in Huntsville, Alabama, recently marked the completion of major construction for Test Stand 4693, wrapping up work that began in May 2014. Engineers will now connect networks of cables, pipes, valves control systems, cameras, and other equipment needed to test the massive Space Launch System (SLS) hydrogen tank.

  • Space Launch System upper stage testing set to begin

    Scott JohnsonNovember 22nd, 2016

    Huntsville, Ala. — This past week, on Nov. 15, a test version of the Space Launch System's (SLS) Interim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage (ICPS) was moved to Marshall Space Flight Center's (MSFC) historic West Test Area in preparation for early 2017 testing. SpaceFlight Insider was on hand at a media event following the move.

  • Harrison Schmitt talks SLS during MSFC visit

    Scott JohnsonNovember 1st, 2016

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison "Jack" Schmitt was in Huntsville on Thursday, Oct. 27, to speak at the 28th Annual Wernher von Braun Memorial Dinner. The event was held in concert with the 9th Annual Wernher von Braun Memorial Symposium and SFI had the chance to speak with Schmitt at a UAH media event organized by Marshall Space Flight Center.

  • Video: Time lapse of SLS test stand construction

    Derek RichardsonSeptember 29th, 2016

    With pieces of the core stage of NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) now being built, the U.S. space agency will need to test them on special stands. Major construction of the first of these test stands was recently completed this month.

  • NASA discusses SLS and Orion progress at ‘Day of Mars’ event

    Curt GodwinAugust 22nd, 2016

    NEW ORLEANS — Before wowing onlookers with the sights and sounds related to testing an RS-25 engine, NASA sought to educate members of traditional and social media outlets about agency and industry efforts related to the Journey to Mars.

  • Video: NASA releases construction time-lapse of SLS qualification tank

    Derek RichardsonAugust 17th, 2016

    As the first launch of the massive Space Launch System (SLS) gets closer, more and more hardware is produced. In this multi-view, 60-second time-lapse video, NASA shows the creation of the 130-foot (39.6-meter) long liquid hydrogen fuel tank qualification unit at NASA's Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans.

  • Marshall Space Flight Center gets new Safety and Mission Assurance Director

    Tomasz NowakowskiJuly 25th, 2016

    NASA announced on Thursday, July 21, that it has named Rick Burt as the new director of its Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate at the agency’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Burt, a veteran NASA employee, serving the agency for 26 years, will take its new position July 31.

  • NASA completes manufacturing of SLS Stage Adapter Structural Test Article

    Bart LeahyJune 19th, 2016

    NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center and prime contractor Teledyne Brown unveiled a completed structural test article of the Space Launch System's (SLS) Launch Vehicle Stage Adapter (LVSA). The flight version of this hollow cone-shaped segment will connect the 8.4-meter-diameter SLS core stage to the 4.8-meter-diameter Interim Cryogenic Propulsion System (ICPS).

  • Todd May named director of Marshall Space Flight Center

    Scott JohnsonFebruary 2nd, 2016

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Earlier this week, NASA announced that Todd May has been named director of the agency’s Marshall Space Flight Center. May was appointed as MSFC's deputy director in August 2015 and has served as acting director since former director Patrick Scheuermann retired in November of last year.

  • NASA Administrator views progress of new Marshall Center test stand

    Scott JohnsonDecember 15th, 2015

    On Monday, Dec. 14, 2015, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, astronaut Butch Wilmore, members of the media, and others gathered at the agency's Marshall Space Flight Center to view progress on the new SLS core stage liquid hydrogen tank test stand.

  • 8th Wernher von Braun Memorial Symposium

    Scott JohnsonNovember 4th, 2015

    Last week, SpaceFlight Insider had the opportunity to attend the American Astronautical Society's (AAS) 8th Wernher von Braun Memorial Symposium at The University of Alabama, Huntsville.

  • NASA tests methane engine components for future landers

    Jim SharkeyNovember 2nd, 2015

    Engineers at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center recently tested components for a methane-fueled engine that could be used on future Mars landers. Methane is a promising potential fuel for the journey to Mars because it is more stable than hydrogen and can be stored at more manageable temperatures.

  • ULA delivers SLS upper stage test article to Boeing

    Scott JohnsonOctober 28th, 2015

    DECATUR, Ala. — On Monday, Oct. 26, 2015, United Launch Alliance (ULA) symbolically handed over the first test version of the Space Launch System's (SLS) upper stage to Boeing, the primary contractor for the SLS first (core) stage and avionics. This marked just one more step on the road to the booster taking flight as soon as 2018.

  • NASA’s SLS completes Critical Design Review and gains flashy new colors

    Jason RhianOctober 23rd, 2015

    NASA recently unveiled the overall strategy for the space agency's effort to send crews to the planet Mars. On Thursday, October 22, the space agency announced that the Space Launch System rocket the agency is planning to use to enable this journey to begin has now completed a major milestone on the road to flight.

  • Marshall Space Flight Center Center Director announces retirement

    Scott JohnsonOctober 22nd, 2015

    On Monday, Oct. 19, 2015, Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) Director, Patrick Scheuermann, in an e-mail to MSFC employees, announced his retirement – effective Nov. 13. A replacement has yet to be named; however, the front-runner for the position is someone very familiar with one of MSFC's lead programs.