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  • Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne system achieves orbit

    Cullen DesforgesJanuary 18th, 2021

    After several hours filled with hopeful anticipation, California-based Virgin Orbit successfully air-launched its LauncherOne rocket Jan. 17 over the Mojave Desert.

  • Virgin Orbit set to perform first test launch

    Matt HaskellMay 23rd, 2020

    Virgin Orbit has released that they are finally ready to let their rocket fly for the first time, targeting Sunday morning at 10 AM PST from a location off the coast of Southern California.

  • Virgin Orbit conducts crucial hotfire test

    Jim SharkeyMay 23rd, 2019

    Virgin Orbit announced the successful completion of a full mission duty cycle hotfire test of the first stage of its LauncherOne rocket.