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  • Engine burn puts New Horizons on track to Ultima Thule

    Laurel KornfeldOctober 9th, 2018

    The New Horizons spacecraft is heading toward its next destination - using an extreme maneuver at the very edge of the solar system.

  • New Horizons exits hibernation to prepare for KBO flyby

    Laurel KornfeldJune 9th, 2018

    NASA's New Horizons probe has been awakened from nearly six months in hibernation to enable the mission team to start preparations for its flyby of Kuiper Belt Object (KBO) Ultima Thule (also known as 2014 MU69) in the early morning hours of New Year's Day 2019.

  • New Horizons starts first phase of Pluto encounter

    Laurel KornfeldJanuary 19th, 2015

    NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft began the first of several phases of its historic rendezvous with Pluto on Thursday, Jan. 15, exactly six months before its closest approach to the small planet. This early phase, after nine years and three billion miles of travel across the solar system, marks the beginning of optical navigation, when the spacecraft will, […]

  • New Horizons awakens from final hibernation

    Laurel KornfeldDecember 7th, 2014

    From a distance of 2.9 billion miles across the vastness of the solar system, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft confirmed Dec. 6 that it successfully awakened from its 19th and final hibernation. At 9:28 p.m. EST (0230 GMT), after waiting nearly four and a half hours for the signal to travel to Earth, mission controllers at the Johns […]

  • NASA’s fleet of spacecraft readied to capture Comet Siding Spring’s Martian pass

    Jason RhianOctober 10th, 2014

    On Sunday, Oct. 19 at about 2:27 p.m. EDT (1827 GMT), Comet C/2013 A1 Siding Spring will fly by Mars at a distance of only 88,000 miles (139,500 kilometers) — one-third the distance between Earth and the Moon — traveling at about 126,000 mph (33 miles or 56 kilometers per second). NASA has its Mars […]