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  • Underground towns on the Moon and Mars: Future human habitats could be hidden in lava tubes

    Tomasz NowakowskiOctober 24th, 2017

    New research conducted by European scientists suggests that underground caves created by volcanic activity on the Moon and possibly on Mars could be large enough to house even underground towns. The "lava tubes" could, therefore, be excellent hidden locations for future human habitats.

  • Lockheed Martin announces plans to build prototype cislunar habitat

    Curt GodwinJuly 26th, 2017

    Though NewSpace companies may garner the lion's share of headlines when it comes to reusing flight hardware, there are members of the industry's old guard who are keen to show that reusability isn't a skill held solely by the newcomers.

  • Lockheed Martin outlines plan to send humans to Mars orbit by 2028

    Derek RichardsonMay 19th, 2016

    A plan to send humans to Martian orbit was outlined by members of Lockheed Martin during the Humans to Mars Summit and, at the same time, the U.S. House of Representatives Space Subcommittee in Washington, DC. The plan calls for a laboratory around the Red Planet to be occupied by six astronauts by 2028.

  • Hab at it: NASA looking for space habitat concepts

    Jason RhianApril 27th, 2016

    NASA is looking for new habitat concepts. Of course, it pays if you're an aerospace firm with the resources to produce the habs needed for deep space destinations such as an asteroid or Mars.

  • NASA leverages ISS as it gets go ahead for a deep space habitat

    Joe LatrellJanuary 23rd, 2016

    In the latest omnibus spending bill approved by Congress, NASA was awarded $55 million in order to help accelerate development of a deep space habitation module. SpaceFlight Insider spoke with agency representatives to determine what these initial efforts might entail.