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  • How NASA builds a space laser

    NASAJune 4th, 2014

    To build a satellite that will measure all the bumps and dips of our dynamic Earth, engineers started with a black box, built of a composite honeycomb material to make it as light as possible.

  • NASA begins first Antarctic airborne campaign from McMurdo Station

    Press ReleaseNovember 20th, 2013

    NASA’s Operation IceBridge has begun its 2013 Antarctic field campaign with the arrival of the agency’s aircraft and scientists at the National Science Foundation’s McMurdo Station in Antarctica.

  • NASA begins airborne campaign to map Greenland ice sheet summer melt

    Press ReleaseNovember 3rd, 2013

    For the first time, a NASA airborne campaign will measure changes in the height of the Greenland Ice Sheet and surrounding Arctic sea ice produced by a single season of summer melt.