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  • SMAP mission continues despite loss of radar

    Joe LatrellSeptember 4th, 2015

    NASA says that the SMAP mission – designed to help scientists understand Earth's water, energy, and carbon cycles – will continue despite the loss of the main active radar instrument, which stopped transmitting on July 7, 2015.

  • Looking in all the wrong places: NASA’s 2014 Earth Science Mission Roundup

    Josh TallisJanuary 26th, 2014

    Perspective is everything in space. Telescopes must have their optics calibrated to an unimaginably minimal tolerance; they must be capable of anticipating and correcting atmospheric distortions; they must sustain tremendous temperature fluctuations in the hostile vacuum of space; and, of course, they must be pointed in the right direction. For most, that direction is invariably […]

  • NASA iPad application shows earth changing before your eyes

    Press ReleaseDecember 6th, 2013

    Human activities, a changing climate and natural disasters are rapidly altering the face of our planet. Now, with NASA’s Images of Change iPad application, users can get an interactive before-and-after view of these changes.