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  • Former astronaut Janet Kavandi named new director of NASA Glenn

    Michael ColeMarch 15th, 2016

    Former astronaut Janet Kavandi has been named the new Director of the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio; her appointment was announced on Monday, March 14. Kavandi was currently serving as the center's deputy director, a post she was named to in February of 2015.

  • NASA scores successful Orion solar array deployment test

    Michael ColeMarch 1st, 2016

    NASA took another important step in testing the Orion crewed spacecraft yesterday with the successful completion of a solar array deployment test inside the Space Power Facility (SPF) at NASA’s Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, Ohio.

  • NASA Glenn welcomes Orion’s European powerhouse for testing

    Michael ColeDecember 2nd, 2015

    NASA observed an important milestone in the Orion crewed space program on Monday, Nov. 30. During an event held inside the test bays of NASA's Plum Brook Station testing facility in Sandusky, Ohio, the agency marked the arrival of a structural test model of Orion's European Service Module (ESM).

  • Orion’s European Service Module arrives at NASA’s Glenn Research Center

    Michael ColeNovember 11th, 2015

    The Orion spacecraft's European-built Service Module arrived at NASA's Plum Brook Station testing facility in Sandusky, Ohio, today, where it will begin a long battery of tests in Plum Brook's giant Space Power Facility. The testing is in preparation for Orion's first unmanned test flight atop NASA's Space Launch System (SLS) rocket.

  • NASA Glenn inducts first class into its Hall of Fame

    Michael ColeSeptember 28th, 2015

    The NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio, inducted the first honorees to its new Hall of Fame on Friday. The center founded the new Hall of Fame to recognize those in its history who built exemplary careers, made significant contributions to NASA Glenn's success, and exerted a far-reaching influence on the direction and mission of the center.

  • NASA team designing sub to explore Titan’s seas

    Michael ColeSeptember 5th, 2015

    An engineering team at NASA's Glenn Research Center (GRC) in Cleveland, Ohio, is designing one of the most unusual vehicles in NASA's history – a submarine to explore Saturn's moon Titan.

  • Orion spacecraft about to be put through its paces at Glenn

    Michael ColeAugust 18th, 2015

    Preliminary testing has begun on the Orion crew module adapter at NASA Glenn Research Center's Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, Ohio. There, with a test version of the European Space Agency-provided service module, personnel have prepared their giant Space Power Facility for a series of tests that should prove Orion's readiness.

  • NASA unveils robotic submarine concept for exploring Titan’s oceans

    Jim SharkeyFebruary 19th, 2015

    Earlier this month, NASA released an animated video depicting a proposed robotic submarine capable of exploring the liquid hydrocarbon seas of Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. The concept, which is a project of NASA Glenn’s COMPASS team, was presented at this year’s NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC ) symposium.