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  • Expedition 42 crew returns safely to Earth

    Joe LatrellMarch 12th, 2015

    Expedition 42’s Soyuz (TMA-14M) spacecraft landed in the steppes of Kazakhstan last night at 10:07 p.m. EDT (0207 GMT). Commander Barry “Butch” Wilmore of NASA, and Alexander Samokutyaev and Elena Serova of the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) were helped out of their capsule by Russian recovery teams after their successful 167-day stay on board […]

  • Expedition 42 preps for their return to Earth

    Joe LatrellMarch 10th, 2015

    After an amazing set of spacewalks, Expedition 42 is scheduled to return on March 11 at 10:08 p.m. (EDT). The crew will complete 167 days in space since lift off from the Kazakhstan launch center (Baikonur). Barry Wilmore, station commander, along with cosmonauts Alexander Samokutyaev and Elena Serova have travelled almost 71 million miles (114 […]

  • The ultimate ‘Cable Guys’ complete last of three spacewalks

    Joe LatrellMarch 1st, 2015

    Two astronauts completed upgrades to the ISS today in a picture perfect spacewalk. Barry Wilmore and Terry Virts journeyed outside the station once more to complete their third and final spacewalk. The upgrades to the station will allow new International Docking Adapters (IDAs) to be installed later this year. The IDAs will be completed later […]

  • Astronauts complete 185th ISS EVA

    Joe LatrellFebruary 21st, 2015

    Two astronauts stepped outside the comfort of the International Space Station (ISS) and began the first of three spacewalks designed to upgrade the orbiting laboratory and prepare it for the arrival of commercial vehicles in the coming years. The spacewalk started just behind schedule at 7:45 am EST (1247 GMT). Barry “Butch” Wilmore and Terry Virts set […]

  • NASA / Made in Space produce ‘replicated’ wrench on International Space Station

    Joe LatrellJanuary 2nd, 2015

    While not quite the ‘replicator’ from the Star Trek television series and movies – a new technology is proving its worth on orbit. NASA and the commercial space company Made In Space – have successfully ‘printed’ a small ratchet wrench, that did not exist on the International Space Station (ISS) before it was transmitted up to the Expedition 42 […]

  • Soyuz TMA-15M spacecraft launches Expedition 42/43 crew to Space Station

    James TuttenNovember 23rd, 2014

    A cold and dark night in Kazakhstan was illuminated by the white-hot glow of Russian RD-108A and RD-107A rocket engines, as the Expedition 42/43 crew members aboard their Soyuz TMA-15M spacecraft blasted off towards low-Earth orbit (LEO). Their prime mission once they arrive at the International Space Station (ISS) will be the continued operations and upkeep of […]

  • Expedition 42 / 43 crew ready for Sunday’s launch to International Space Station

    James TuttenNovember 21st, 2014

    A team of three international crewmembers are finalizing their preparations for launch from the Biakonur Cosmodrome LC-1 in Kazakhastan which will take place on Nov. 23 at 4:01 p.m. EST (2001 GMT). This journey, which started years ago for the crew and technicians involved, will ultimately see these diverse space-bound explorers joining their fellow Expedition […]

  • Expedition 42: The crew of the Titans

    Tomasz NowakowskiNovember 19th, 2014

    The crew of the next Soyuz TMA-15M spacecraft, call-sign Astraeus, has passed pre-flight examination in Star City, outside Moscow, and departed to Baikonur, Kazakhstan on Tuesday Nov. 11. In Greek mythology, Astraeus was an astrological deity, and creator of the night sky. It is said, he took the stars and scattered them across the dark […]