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  • Expedition 40 trio land safely in Kazakhstan

    Jason RhianSeptember 11th, 2014

    The three members of the Expedition 40 crew, a mixture of a U.S. astronaut and two Russian cosmonauts, ended their five-and-a-half month stay on the International Space Station (ISS ) yesterday. NASA astronaut Steve Swanson, along with Russian cosmonauts Alexander Skvortsov and Oleg Artemyev touched down on the Kazakh steppes at 10:23 p.m. EDT (8:23 […]

  • Successful Russian spacewalk deploys nanosat – installs experiments

    Britt RawcliffeAugust 18th, 2014

    This morning at 10:02 a.m. EDT (1422 GMT) saw the start of a lengthy extra-vehicular activity or “EVA” for Russian cosmonauts Alexander Skvortsov and Oleg Artemyev aboard the International Space Station (ISS). The spacewalking duo set out to deploy a nanosatellite and install another scientific experiment package. Today’s successful extravehicular activity (EVA ) went on until 3:13 […]

  • Expedition 40 crew captures stunning images of Cygnus’ reentry

    Jason RhianAugust 17th, 2014

    It is an image that NASA mission planners had worked to gain prior to one of Orbital Sciences Corporation’s Cygnus’ disembarking from its perch high above the clouds. Expedition 40’s Alexander Gerst froze the moment in time with this stunning image of Orbital’s cargo vessel blazing a fiery trail across the skies above the Pacific. […]

  • Flawless: Antares sends ‘Janice Voss’ Cygnus spacecraft with cargo for ISS to orbit

    Britt RawcliffeJuly 13th, 2014

    WALLOPS FLIGHT FACILITY, Va – After a series of delays over the past few months, an Orbital Sciences Corporation’s Antares rocket with the SS Janice Voss Cygnus spacecraft lifted off from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS) at Wallops Island, Virginia this afternoon at 12:52pm EDT (1652 GMT). Launching from Pad 0-A, the ORB-2 mission will deliver cargo and experiments […]

  • Expedition 40 crew members complete 180th ISS spacewalk

    James TuttenJune 20th, 2014

    The 180th spacewalk or extra-vehicular activity (EVA) in support of the International Space Station (ISS), and the first for the Expedition 40 crew, was successfully completed yesterday (June 19) by Russian cosmonauts Alexander Skvortsov and Oleg Artemyev. This 7 hour and 23 minute excursion saw the installation of new equipment for the ISS along with […]

  • Soyuz TMA-13M successfully launches, sending crew on their way to ISS

    SpaceFlight InsiderMay 28th, 2014

    At 3:57 p.m. (19:57 GMT), the Soyuz TMA-13M spacecraft lifted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan atop a Soyuz-FG rocket, carrying three new crew members to the International Space Station (ISS). After a flawless launch, NASA astronaut Ried Wiseman, European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst and Russian cosmonaut Maxim Suraev are right on track […]

  • Expedition 40 crew is set to launch

    SpaceFlight InsiderMay 27th, 2014

    In a little over twenty-four hours, the Expedition 40 crew members currently aboard the International Space Station (ISS) will welcome three new crew mates. NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman, cosmonaut Maxin Suarev and European Space Agency astronaut (ESA) Alexander Gerst will launch aboard the Soyuz TMA-13M for a five and a half month mission. 

  • ISS officials looking into space station’s recent power failure

    James TuttenMay 10th, 2014

    Flight controllers working on Earth for the International Space Station (ISS) are investigating a power failure that occurred in the space station’s 3A power channel on Thursday, May 8. NASA officials have stated that the power issue will not impact the departure of the Expedition 39 crewmembers on Tuesday, May 13. The space agency also […]

  • SpaceX President Shotwell talks recovery efforts during recent ribbon-cutting ceremony

    Jason RhianApril 21st, 2014

    Space Exploration Technologies’ (SpaceX) President and Chief Executive Officer Gwynne Shotwell answered the question that is on many a space enthusiasts minds this week – what happened in terms of the company’s efforts to recover the first stage of the Falcon 9 v1.1 booster that launched on Friday April 18 at 3:25 p.m. EDT (1925 […]

  • SpaceX Dragon Easter Egg reveals needed supplies for Expedition 39 crew

    SpaceFlight InsiderApril 21st, 2014

    Most of us here on Earth dream of chocolate bunnies and candy eggs as Easter treats, but the astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) were awaiting the arrival of much-needed supplies on Easter Sunday. Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata successfully captured the cargo vehicle using the station’s Canadarm2 at 7:14 a.m. EDT (1114 GMT). The […]

  • Falcon 9 v1.1 with Dragon roars (loudly) to ISS on CRS-3 resupply mission

    Jason RhianApril 18th, 2014

    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla — Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) and NASA launched the third of the company’s Dragon spacecraft under the $1.6 billion Commercial Resupply Services (CRS) contract that the NewSpace firm has with the space agency. Liftoff occurred right on time at 3:25 p.m. EDT (1925 GMT), marking the fourth time overall that a Dragon […]

  • SpaceX Launch of CRS-3 set for Friday, with spacewalk for following Wednesday

    Jason RhianApril 16th, 2014

    KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla — NASA and Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) have announced that they will attempt to launch the Falcon 9 v1.1 with its payload of a Dragon spacecraft carrying more than 4,500 lbs of supplies to the International Space Station on Friday, April 18 at 3:25 p.m. EDT (1925 GMT). This will mark at […]

  • SpaceX to use Launch Complex 39A for Falcon Heavy – sets first launch in first quarter of 2015

    Scott JohnsonApril 16th, 2014

    KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla. – On Monday, April 14, Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) signed a 20 year lease agreement with NASA for the use of its Pad “A” located at Kennedy Space Center’s (KSC) Launch Complex 39 (LC-39A),  the pad from which all Apollo Moon landing missions, and many space shuttle  missions, departed the planet.

  • Helium leak causes further delay for SpaceX’s CRS-3 mission to ISS

    Jason RhianApril 14th, 2014

    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla — Space Exploration Technologies hopes that they could conduct the third flight under the $1.6 billion Commercial Resupply Services (CRS) contract that the company has with NASA were dashed by a helium leak in the Falcon 9 v1.1’s first stage. The technical issue forced a scrubbed to be called just shy of […]

  • NASA/SpaceX highlight science payload for CRS-3 mission

    Scott JohnsonApril 14th, 2014

    KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla. – On Sunday afternoon, in the lead up to  Monday’s anticipated SpaceX launch, NASA held a news briefing to shed some light on a few of the science payloads being flown to the International Space Station  (ISS) on the CRS-3 mission.