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  • Sierra Nevada achieves second Commercial Cargo milestone

    Bart LeahyJuly 26th, 2016

    A couple of weeks after completing their first Integration Certification Review for NASA’s Commercial Cargo Program to support the International Space Station (ISS), Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) has completed its second such review for the Dream Chaser spacecraft.

  • SNC completes first NASA commercial cargo milestone

    Bart LeahyJuly 13th, 2016

    Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) completed an important International Space Station (ISS) Integration Certification Milestone for their Dream Chaser Cargo System under their Commercial Resupply Services 2 (CRS-2) contract with NASA. The agency approved SNC’s program implementation plan for the design, development, test, and evaluation of Dream Chaser.

  • Sierra Nevada’s Dream Chaser to provide access to space for countries worldwide

    Tomasz NowakowskiJune 29th, 2016

    Sierra Nevada Corporation’s (SNC) Dream Chaser winged spacecraft could be soon flying under a United Nations (UN) agenda. On Tuesday, June 28, the Sparks, Nevada-based company announced that it had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) to provide affordable opportunities for UN member states in order to conduct experiments in space.

  • Cargo Dream Chaser providing new life for NASA facilities

    Jason RhianMarch 7th, 2016

    KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla -- The Thermal Protection System Facility Annex or "TPSF" served NASA's Space Shuttle Program during the iconic spacecrafts' 30-years of service. It is now being used by one of the newest entrants under the agency's Commercial Resupply Services contract - Sierra Nevada Corporation.

  • Catching a dream: SNC’s tenacious spacecraft selected for NASA’s CRS-2 contract

    Jason RhianJanuary 14th, 2016

    During a press conference held Jan. 14, 2016, at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, NASA announced the winners of the second phase of contracts for its Commercial Resupply Services program. Those announced included established names under CRS, as well as one new one – SNC's Dream Chaser space plane.

  • Sierra Nevada prepares for crucial Dream Chaser tests

    Tomasz NowakowskiOctober 8th, 2015

    Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) has announced improvements to its Dream Chaser spacecraft program, which is currently under development. SNC has two Dream Chaser vehicles in its fleet: the atmospheric engineering test article (ETA) and the advanced composite orbital vehicle. According to the company’s statement, both spacecraft will undergo suborbital and orbital flight tests in 2016.

  • Sierra Nevada encouraging spaceport development with new program

    Joe LatrellSeptember 12th, 2015

    Sierra Nevada Corporation has created a new initiative to help the development of landing sites for its Dream Chaser spacecraft. The program is called the Dream Chaser Preferred Landing Site Program. It offers assistance to spaceports and airports that may become designated landing locations for the Dream Chaser.

  • Insider Interview: From Shuttle to Shuttle an interview with Steve Lindsey – Part 2

    Jason RhianJune 17th, 2015

    In this second part of our interview with former NASA astronaut Steve Lindsey, SpaceFlight Insider delves deeper into what it was that made his decision to leave NASA and to join Sierra Nevada’s Dream Chaser program, what it was like to discover that Dream Chaser was not selected to continue under NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, and what […]

  • Sierra Nevada’s Dream Chaser may land in Huntsville

    Scott JohnsonJune 16th, 2015

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — On Monday, June 15, at a meeting of the Huntsville / Madison County Chamber of Commerce, and also in France, at the Paris Air Show “Made In Alabama ” booth, a coalition of entities – including the City of Huntsville, the State of Alabama and Teledyne Brown Engineering – announced plans for a series of preliminary […]

  • Insider Interview: From Shuttle to Shuttle an interview with Steve Lindsey – Part 1

    Jason RhianJune 16th, 2015

    Steve Lindsey has a lot of experience when it comes to winged spacecraft, especially those of the crewed variety. Lindsey was accepted into the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame on Saturday, May 30, along with John Grunsfeld, Kent Rominger, and Rhea Seddon. Wanting to find out more about the highly experienced astronaut’s take on the […]

  • Sierra Nevada partners with German Aerospace Center to develop Dream Chaser

    Collin SkocikApril 19th, 2015

    Although the versatile Dream Chaser spacecraft, developed by Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC ) Space Systems, was rejected by NASA under the U.S. space agency’s Commercial Crew Program, the company is proceeding with the development of its ambitious mini shuttle by joining with Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR ), the German Aerospace Center.

  • Touchdown! SNC inks agreement for Dream Chaser to land at Ellington Airport

    Jason RhianMarch 25th, 2015

    Not being selected to proceed under NASA’s Commercial Crew transportation Capability has not slowed the manufacturers of the Dream Chaser space plane down one bit. Sierra Nevada Corporation announced on Tuesday, March 24, that it had entered into an agreement to have an uncrewed version of Dream Chaser land at Ellington Airport’s Spaceport. SNC signed this agreement […]

  • NASA amends CCiCap agreement for Dream Chaser

    Jason RhianMarch 24th, 2015

    NASA has decided to amend the Space Act Agreement (SAA) that it has with Colorado-based Sierra Nevada Corporation under the space agency’s Commercial Crew integrated Capability (CCiCap ) agreement. This amendment will, in essence, add a milestone under the contract that saw SNC receive an estimated $213 million on Aug. 5, 2012. This will mean […]

  • CRS 2 contract sees new Lockheed Martin spacecraft, Dream Chaser reborn

    Jason RhianMarch 21st, 2015

    When Sierra Nevada Corporation’s Dream Chaser space plane was not selected under NASA’s Commercial Crew Program (CCP), it was viewed by many as the “death of a dream”. The play on words was not only a bit heavy, but also it appears to have been premature. Not only has the European Space Agency and Japan […]

  • GAO denies Sierra Nevada’s Commercial Crew protest on Dream Chaser exclusion

    Jason RhianJanuary 5th, 2015

    The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO ) denied a protest filed by Sierra Nevada Corporation on Jan. 5, after the Louisville, Colorado-based firm’s Dream Chaser spacecraft was not selected to move forward under the Commercial Crew transportation Capability phase of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program. The protest was filed after the Sept. 16, 2014 announcement that NASA […]