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  • How tall do you have to be to take SpaceX’s Commercial Crew ‘ride?’

    Jason RhianJanuary 9th, 2019

    KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla. -- SpaceX has come to be known for its irreverent streak when it comes to its spacecraft and rockets. A recent tweet made by Elon Musk suggests this behavior is likely to continue.

  • SpaceX Demo Flight 1 ‘adjusts’ 10 days

    Jason RhianDecember 11th, 2018

    KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla. -- As is to be expected with critical missions meant to demonstrate transportation systems for astronauts, things tend to change in the lead up to the big day. Perhaps the most frequent of these - is time.

  • Launch date for SpaceX’s Demo-1 flight announced

    Jason RhianNovember 21st, 2018

    A launch date for the first test flight of SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft has been announced and the company's BFR rocket has gained a new name.