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  • Bill introduced to redirect NASA to Moon, establish sustained presence

    Derek RichardsonFebruary 7th, 2017

    A bill that would direct NASA to return to the Moon and establish a sustained presence was referred to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology on Feb. 3, 2017.

  • NASA awards contracts for SLS ground systems

    Collin SkocikAugust 12th, 2015

    NASA has selected a prime contractor to modify its launch facilities and the Mobile Launch Platform (MLP) that will be used for its new Space Launch System or "SLS." These contractors will modify the systems required to get SLS to Launch Complex 39B - and to support it all the way there.

  • OPINION: “Earth first” – an emotional argument lacking understanding of the facts

    Collin SkocikNovember 9th, 2014

    Every year NASA spends an average of about $18 billion on its various activities. What has that purchased? How much of that comes out of the pockets of the U.S. taxpayer? The facts are surprising and the lack of gratitude and ignorance spread about NASA’s budget – is disappointing. This is made worse by the […]

  • Opinion: Is the Ukraine being used as a wedge to kill SLS?

    Collin SkocikApril 6th, 2014

    The Space Launch System is not popular with everyone (yes, that’s an under statement). When President Obama canceled the Constellation Program, he didn’t want to retain any of it, not even the Orion capsule. After his first attempt at ending the program – the Space Launch System was created to salvage the nation’s manned space […]

  • Opinion: What happened to Charlie Bolden?

    Collin SkocikMarch 30th, 2014

    Major General Charles Frank Bolden, Jr. is one of NASA’s most accomplished astronauts. A former Marine Naval Aviator and test pilot, Bolden was selected as an astronaut in 1980. He served as astronaut safety officer and was the first astronaut to ride the slide wire escape system from the launch pad. Since he became NASA […]

  • Interview with NASA frequent flyer and Astronaut Hall of Fame inductee – Jerry Ross

    SpaceFlight InsiderFebruary 12th, 2014

    After the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs ended, the public pretty much lost track of who was who in the astronaut corps. The shuttle program was amazing, but with frequent missions and seven astronauts going up at once, there have been too many for people to know or remember.  By the end of the Shuttle program, two […]

  • Opinion: Dream Chaser malfunction reveals failings of NewSpace supporters, New Media

    Jason RhianNovember 3rd, 2013

    Last week on Saturday, October 26,  the Engineering Test Article (ETA) of Sierra Nevada Corporation’s Dream Chaser spacecraft conducted its first free flight test. Most of the mission was a complete success. However, the final leg of the mission encountered problems, and in so doing openly displayed how the company, its supporters and NASA handled […]