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  • SpaceX teams up with St Jude & Shift4 to offer free trip to space

    Matt HaskellFebruary 7th, 2021

    In a surprise announcement on Monday, February 1, and scheduled to be brought to the masses through a Super Bowl ad, SpaceX has announced the first all civilian mission of their Dragon spacecraft, helmed by billionaire Jared Isaacman, in financial support of St. Jude.

  • Boeing wins contract award for next generation SATCOM satellites

    Cullen DesforgesOctober 24th, 2020

    In a press release earlier this month, Boeing announced the award of a developmental contract for the next generation communications satellite on behalf of the United States Space Force.

  • NASA seeking commercial proposals for lunar sample collection

    Theresa CrossSeptember 16th, 2020

    Over the next four years, NASA will pay for private companies to harvest rocks and soil from the moon, as the agency takes the initial steps to field sustainable lunar exploration. 

  • Space sector stable but still dwarfed by the aviation sector: AIA Vice President

    Tomasz NowakowskiJune 30th, 2017

    The Aerospace Industries Association (AIA), a trade association representing leading aerospace and defense (A&D) companies in the U.S., has recently published its report entitled “2017 Facts & Figures”, which reveals key numbers about A&D industry’s economic impact. Among other things, the summary highlights the condition of the space systems sector as part of the A&D industry.