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  • Dawn mission reveals new clues about Ceres’ mysterious bright spots

    Jim SharkeyDecember 10th, 2015

    Two groups of scientists using data from NASA's Dawn mission have announced new findings about Ceres, including the mysterious bright spots found on the dwarf planet's surface. One study indicates the bright material on the surface is a type of salt, the other showed evidence of ammonia-rich clays on Ceres.

  • Ceres continues to thrill scientists with new mysteries

    Joe LatrellJune 23rd, 2015

    Now that NASA’s Dawn spacecraft is settling into its science mission at Ceres, the mysteries continue to stack up. The bright spots first observed when Dawn was approaching the dwarf planet are becoming even more intriguing as the images become more detailed. The largest bright spot appears to actually have at least eight smaller spots surrounding the […]

  • Under Dawn’s light: Ceres shines in recent imagery

    Jason RhianJune 11th, 2015

    The tiny worlds that straddle the region of the Solar System known as the asteroid belt have come into sharper focus thanks to NASA’s Dawn mission. Since its launch in 2007, the ion engine-powered spacecraft has already traveled to and left the asteroid Vesta and is now in the process of circling closer to the […]

  • NASA’s Dawn spacecraft captures stunning video of Ceres’ bright spots

    Jason RhianMay 12th, 2015

    Having concluded its first mapping orbit, NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has produced new video of the two bright spots on the dwarf planet Ceres. The probe completed one 15-day orbit around the tiny planetoid as it uses its scientific instruments to provide new insights and observations into the dynamics behind the formation of these small worlds. Ceres has […]

  • Dawn catches more views of Ceres’ bright spots

    Jim SharkeyApril 23rd, 2015

    After spending more than a month on the dark side of Ceres, NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has captured new images of two bright spots on the surface of the dwarf planet. The images were taken by Dawn on April 14 and 15 from a distance of 14,000 miles (22,531 km) above Ceres. The two mysterious bright spots, […]