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  • SpaceX set for ambitious Starship SN9 high-altitude test

    Nicholas D'AlessandroJanuary 26th, 2021

    SpaceX's Starship SN9 continues the company's theme of ultra-rapid development, with the next high-altitude flight test coming as early as this week.

  • Gallery: Preparations for Starship SN9 test flight continue

    Nicholas D'AlessandroJanuary 25th, 2021

    Preflight testing for Starship SN9 appears to be complete ahead of the follow-up to last-month's unprecedented SN8 high-altitude flight.

  • Starship makes successful first, high altitude test flight

    Nicholas D'AlessandroDecember 11th, 2020

    At 4:45 p.m. CDT Dec. 9, 2020, the SpaceX Starship prototype SN8 finally launched in an unprecedented and long-awaited flight test of the vehicle. 

  • 15-kilometer test flight approaching for Starship SN8

    Nicholas D'AlessandroDecember 2nd, 2020

    The most complex test yet for SpaceX's Starship design, prototype SN8, is fast approaching, according to road closure notices from Cameron County, Texas.

  • Starship ‘SN5’ takes flight as SpaceX marches forward

    Cullen DesforgesAugust 4th, 2020

    For the second time in just three days, SpaceX has succeeded in showcasing their team’s capabilities and readiness to redefine the future of commercial space travel. Earlier today, August 4, 2020, the company completed a test flight of its Starship prototype vehicle, dubbed SN5, ‘hopping’ to an altitude of 150 meters above its rocket development […]

  • SpaceX’s ‘Starhopper’ catches fire in recent test

    Cullen DesforgesJuly 17th, 2019

    A test of SpaceX's 'Starhopper' rocket appears to not have gone entirely as planned. Several outlets are reporting that things didn't go as planned.

  • Raptor roars under Starship prototype in 1st static fire test

    Derek RichardsonApril 4th, 2019

    SpaceX’s stainless steel Starship prototype in South Texas has undergone its first static fire test with a Raptor engine installed beneath it.

  • 1st Starship Hopper test firing could be this week

    Derek RichardsonMarch 18th, 2019

    SpaceX’s Starship Hopper test article recently had a Raptor engine installed in advance of its first test firing, which could come as early as this week.

  • SpaceX teases with Falcon Heavy interstage photo

    Derek RichardsonDecember 29th, 2016

    SpaceX teased a photo of its Falcon Heavy rocket by posting a picture of the interstage of the heavy-lift booster. In addition to its backlogged manifest, the Hawthorne, California-based company hopes to launch the vehicle sometime in 2017.

  • Work on SpaceX’s Boca Chica launch site continues

    Juan Diego DelagarzaSeptember 14th, 2016

    BOCA CHICA, Texas — A recent visit to the SpaceX Launch Site at Boca Chica Beach in Texas revealed that efforts to have the NewSpace firm's Falcon 9 fly from the Lone Star State are steadily moving forward. Heavy equipment on site at two locations show that development of the property has begun.

  • SpaceX to build new ground stations in Texas

    Bart LeahyAugust 3rd, 2016

    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — In addition to building a commercial spaceport for orbital launches along Boca Chica Beach in south Texas, SpaceX is also adding a couple of NASA-heritage ground tracking radars to track the Dragon spacecraft.