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  • SpaceX’s ‘Starhopper’ catches fire in recent test

    Cullen DesforgesJuly 17th, 2019

    A test of SpaceX's 'Starhopper' rocket appears to not have gone entirely as planned. Several outlets are reporting that things didn't go as planned.

  • Raptor roars under Starship prototype in 1st static fire test

    Derek RichardsonApril 4th, 2019

    SpaceX’s stainless steel Starship prototype in South Texas has undergone its first static fire test with a Raptor engine installed beneath it.

  • 1st Starship Hopper test firing could be this week

    Derek RichardsonMarch 18th, 2019

    SpaceX’s Starship Hopper test article recently had a Raptor engine installed in advance of its first test firing, which could come as early as this week.

  • SpaceX teases with Falcon Heavy interstage photo

    Derek RichardsonDecember 29th, 2016

    SpaceX teased a photo of its Falcon Heavy rocket by posting a picture of the interstage of the heavy-lift booster. In addition to its backlogged manifest, the Hawthorne, California-based company hopes to launch the vehicle sometime in 2017.

  • Work on SpaceX’s Boca Chica launch site continues

    Juan Diego DelagarzaSeptember 14th, 2016

    BOCA CHICA, Texas — A recent visit to the SpaceX Launch Site at Boca Chica Beach in Texas revealed that efforts to have the NewSpace firm's Falcon 9 fly from the Lone Star State are steadily moving forward. Heavy equipment on site at two locations show that development of the property has begun.

  • SpaceX to build new ground stations in Texas

    Bart LeahyAugust 3rd, 2016

    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — In addition to building a commercial spaceport for orbital launches along Boca Chica Beach in south Texas, SpaceX is also adding a couple of NASA-heritage ground tracking radars to track the Dragon spacecraft.