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  • NASA leadership visits Marshall Space Flight Center

    Scott JohnsonDecember 6th, 2021

    NASA Administrator Bill Nelson visited the Marshall Space Flight Center for an update on the center's contribution to the nation's space program.

  • NASA human Moon landing now no earlier than 2025

    Derek RichardsonNovember 9th, 2021

    In a media teleconference, NASA officials updated the agency’s projected timeline for the early phase of its Artemis program, which aims to return humans to the Moon.

  • NASA exploring options for navigating on the Moon

    Theresa CrossMarch 31st, 2021

    NASA is currently exploring a number of solutions for navigating and communicating on the Moon's surface for the Artemis program.

  • NASA announces “Artemis Team” of 18 astronauts

    Cullen DesforgesDecember 11th, 2020

    In a somewhat unannounced and surprising fashion, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence announced the 18 astronauts that will be focused on advancing the Artemis program, including those who will be first to fly aboard the Orion capsule as early as 2023.