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  • Space Launch System rocket passes design certification review

    Theresa CrossOctober 11th, 2021

    NASA has carried out the design certification review of the Space Launch System, the agency said, as it continues to prepare the vehicle for its inaugural flight.

  • Space Launch System begins vibration testing

    Cullen DesforgesSeptember 1st, 2021

    In preparation for its first flight, NASA's Space Launch System is undergoing a series of vibrational and acoustic tests.

  • Space Launch System stage adapter and ICPS upper stage stacked

    Michael McCabeJuly 9th, 2021

    NASA's Space Launch System, currently being assembled in the iconic Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center in Florida for the Artemis 1 mission later this year, recently received its Launch Vehicle Stage Adapter and upper stage.

  • Core stage for NASA’s Space Launch System mega rocket stacked

    Derek RichardsonJune 14th, 2021

    The core stage for NASA’s first Space Launch System rocket was placed between twin solid rocket boosters in preparation for the uncrewed Artemis 1 mission.

  • First Space Launch System rocket core stage arrives in Florida

    Theresa CrossApril 29th, 2021

    The core stage for NASA's Space Launch System rocket arrived at Kennedy Space Center in Florida for the uncrewed Artemis 1 Moon mission, scheduled for later this year.

  • NASA exploring options for navigating on the Moon

    Theresa CrossMarch 31st, 2021

    NASA is currently exploring a number of solutions for navigating and communicating on the Moon's surface for the Artemis program.

  • Gallery: See NASA’s fully-stacked SLS solid rocket boosters

    Theresa CrossMarch 24th, 2021

    NASA reported in early March 2021 the stacking is complete for the Space Launch System twin solid rocket boosters for the Artemis 1 mission.

  • NASA successfully test fires Space Launch System mega rocket

    Cullen DesforgesMarch 18th, 2021

    The second time was the charm for NASA's Space Launch System core stage as the agency successfully performed a full-duration firing of all four RS-25 engines at the base of the rocket, the final evaluation in vehicle's Green Run test campaign.

  • NASA finishes stacking twin SLS boosters for Artemis 1 mission

    Theresa CrossMarch 11th, 2021

    NASA has finished stacking the twin five-segment solid rocket boosters for “the most powerful rocket in the world,” the massive Space Launch System.

  • Artemis 1 SLS booster stacking nearing completion

    Theresa CrossFebruary 11th, 2021

    The stacking of the twin solid rocket boosters for NASA’s Space Launch System is nearly complete with only one set of segments remaining.

  • Orion is on the move, across the grounds of Kennedy Space Center

    Sean CostelloJanuary 16th, 2021

    Under blue Florida skies, NASA put in motion the next phase of preparations for the first Space Launch System (SLS) mission, Artemis I, with the moving of the Orion capsule from the Neil Armstrong Operations and Checkout Building to the Multi-Payload Processing Facility.

  • NASA announces “Artemis Team” of 18 astronauts

    Cullen DesforgesDecember 11th, 2020

    In a somewhat unannounced and surprising fashion, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence announced the 18 astronauts that will be focused on advancing the Artemis program, including those who will be first to fly aboard the Orion capsule as early as 2023.

  • Orion spacecraft passes final milestone for first Artemis launch

    Cullen DesforgesSeptember 2nd, 2020

    On September 1, NASA announced that the flight-ready Orion Crew capsule had completed a significant milestone in preparation for its voyage on the first launch of the Artemis Program, Artemis 1.

  • Locked and Loaded: Artemis I’s muscle delivered to KSC

    SpaceFlight InsiderJune 16th, 2020

    NASA, still riding high on regaining the ability to launch astronauts to low-Earth-orbit is now preparing to turn the dial up to eleven. LEO is nice and all - but flying to the Moon is way better. The agency is pulling this pieces to achieve just that.

  • Artemis I Orion spacecraft advancing through tests at Plum Brook Station

    Michael ColeJanuary 31st, 2020

    SANDUSKY, OHIO -- Testing is fully underway on the Orion spacecraft for the upcoming Artemis I test flight mission at NASA's Plum Brook Station testing facility in Sandusky, Ohio. The Orion crew capsule, integrated with its European Service Module, is currently inside the facility's Space Environments Complex undergoing thermal vacuum tests in the largest thermal vacuum chamber in the world.