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SpaceX, NASA monitoring weather ahead of in-flight abort test.

Sunrise at Launch Complex 39, Kennedy Space Center Press Site, ahead of SpaceX in-flight abort (IFA) test.

Sunday morning sunrise at Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Complex 39 Press Site, ahead of SpaceX in-flight abort (IFA) test. Photo Credit: Michael McCabe / SpaceFlight Insider

CAPE CANAVERAL. Fla. — As the sun rises and the shorelines of the Space Coast communities fill with eager spectators, SpaceX and NASA engineers have their attention focused on the early Sunday morning weather systems.

Issuing updates through the morning, SpaceX shifted their planned T-zero test launch time to the right from the initial 8:00 am (the opening of their 6-hour window ) to 9:00 am and currently no earlier than (NET) 10:00 am. They have confirmed that both the Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft remain healthy and ready to fly.

SpaceFlight Insider team members are in place and covering the progress from a mix of locations along the coast, ready to bring you updates and imagery as the day and test progress.


Launch day sunrise as seen across the Indian River from Titusville, with the famous NASA VAB structure and Launch Complex 39 in the distance. Today is the scheduled SpaceX in-flight abort test. Photo Credit: Theresa Cross / SpaceFlight Insider


Sean Costello is a technology professional who also researches, writes about and speaks publicly on the inspiring lessons within international space flight program. Prior to joining SpaceFlight Insider in early 2014, Costello was a freelance photographer and correspondent covering shuttle-era Kennedy Space Center launches for various radio and print news organizations.

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Sunrise on the Space Coast – always a fine way to start a day!

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