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Demo-2 Launch Day: Countdown time schedule

Crew Dragon Launch Pad

The SpaceX Crew Dragon sits atop the company’s Falcon 9 rocket at Launch Complex 39A, awaiting launch as a part of the Demo-2 mission with NASA. Photo credit: Michael McCabe

The launch countdown timeline schedule is out for SpaceX Demo-2 launch attempt day #2, and SpaceFlight Insider correspondents are onsite at the Kennedy Space Center LC39 Press Site, on the river’s edge in Titusville and just south in Port Canaveral; Falcon 9 is vertical on the pad and all eyes are now on the weather.

Additional updates will come during the mission weather brief at 12:18, but until then here is an updated countdown schedule timing reference sheet, revised to now include a column which lists estimated times in both UTC (Universal, or Greenwich Mean Time) and the Eastern time zone (local to Florida), with a T-0 of 15:22 local.  T-0 for Sunday’s backup window, if required, is 15:00 EDT (19:00 UTC).

countdown schedule timeline demo-2

Countdown times for the second Demo-2 launch attempt, with calculation for both UTC and EDT. Design: Sean Costello / Photo: Theresa Cross (SpaceFlight Insider)

Timings include the launch, Max-Q, separation, landing and other key mission events.

As seen in this morning’s 45th Space Wing weather forecast, conditions are currently forecast as having a 50% chance of violating one or more launch constraints.

The 45th Weather Squadron’s forecast for Saturday’s and Sunday’s attempts. Photo Credit: United States Space Force.






Sean Costello is a technology professional who also researches, writes about and speaks publicly on the inspiring lessons within international space flight program. Prior to joining SpaceFlight Insider in early 2014, Costello was a freelance photographer and correspondent covering shuttle-era Kennedy Space Center launches for various radio and print news organizations.

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