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CNN launches original series on the Space Race

Photo Credit: Pete Conrad/NASA

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex will host a sneak preview of CNN’s original series on the Space Race as apart of their series about the Sixties. The event will take place on Monday July 7 at noon at the Astronaut Encounter Theater at KSC’s Visitor Center. The event is included with admission to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

Following the preview, former NASA employees George Jenkins, Charlie Mars, Lee Solid, and John Tribe will hold a panel discussion on what it was like during the sixties.

Image Credit: CNN

Image Credit: CNN

Jenkins was manager of Project Mercury Tracking Station 17 at Eglin AFB (Florida), manager of the Mercury Mission Control Center and Gemini Mission, network controller at JSC Mission Control Center (Texas), operations manager and station director at the Merritt Island (Florida) Tracking Station (MILA) supporting the JSC Flight Control team and KSC Launch team during Apollo through Shuttle Control Center at CCAF. Mars was chief of the Lunar Module Project Engineering Office. Solid was a Rocketdyne engineer and Rocketdyne base manager and Tribe worked for North American Rockwell as a manager of the Apollo Command and Service Module Propulsion Systems.       

The Sixties: The Space Race (1960-1969) Astronaut and NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Mike Massimino and Dave Scott, and Walter Issacson, Douglas Brinkley, Tom Wolfe, Andy Chaikin and Tom Hanks discusses “the giant leap” to the Moon.

The Sixties: Space Race airs nationally on July 17 at 9 p.m. EST


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