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What’s for Thanksgiving 2015 on the Space Station?

International Space Station Happy Thansgiving image NASA photo posted on SpaceFlight Insider

Image Credit: NASA

The two NASA astronauts currently on board the International Space Station took a moment out of their busy schedule to address a question that has been raging across the Internet for several days now – what are they having for Thanksgiving dinner? 

Scott Kelly and Kjell Lindgren detailed what was on their menu, and also sent back well wishes to the world via a transmission sent to Earth on Nov. 23, 2015.

Kelly, who is the orbiting laboratory’s commander, and Lindgren, who is serving as a flight engineer on the ISS, detailed that the menu would be as follows: smoked turkey, candied yams, corn and potatoes au gratin.

The space flyers noted that they will have a rare “day off” while on orbit. It is unclear at this time if they will watch football as they chow down on their microgravity fare.

Video courtesy of NASA Johnson


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