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Advertisement: The Space Store unveils new products / website design

Image Credit: The Space Store

The best place to get space-related products on the internet, The Space Store , has unveiled a new look for its website as well as a ton of new science-fiction merchandise. The Colorado-based outlet has carried out these changes in order to better serve customers. The company issued the following news release detailing the company’s efforts to improve service to its customers.

A Bruce McCandless signed photo offered by The Space Store. Photo Credit: The Space Store

A Bruce McCandless signed photo offered by The Space Store. Photo Credit: The Space Store

Englewood, Co –The Space Store is pleased to announce that the company’s website will soon be re-launched as: The Space Store – The Next Generation! The new site will still offer all of the great products that our customers have come to love over the last 18 years. In order to provide our customers with even more – we are expanding on what we offer. New exciting products from popular science fiction franchises such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who and Big Bang Theory will now be available.

The Space Store is striving to offer more science related and geek / tech products as well. Our recent efforts are designed to provide our customers with the best products possible as well as ease in finding them. The new site will be easier to navigate and will have a cutting edge mobile version as well as offer more promotional features. We also will be launching a Loyalty Rewards Program for all customers.

About The Space Store:

The Space Store is located in Denver, Colorado and is the premier, worldwide, online space store, offering NASA gifts, Apollo and Space Shuttle collectibles, space toys, space models, astronaut costumes and NASA flight suits. Additionally, The Space Store also offers mission patches, Fisher space pens, meteorite jewelry, and astronomy toys. We were honored to be selected by SpaceX to be an official vendor of the company’s products.

The Space Store was founded in 1995 by radio personality and motivational speaker Dayna Steele, who is married to a former NASA pilot. The clicks-and-mortar store had a physical location across the street from NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Current owner Brett Anderson bought the store in 2006.


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Jason Rhian spent several years honing his skills with internships at NASA, the National Space Society and other organizations. He has provided content for outlets such as: Aviation Week & Space Technology,, The Mars Society and Universe Today.

Reader Comments

You’re exactly right Jason, The Space Store is the best place to get space-related products. I have done business with them numerous times, and they have EVERYTHING at very reasonable prices. Old Space New Space Red Space Blue Space, there is something for everyone! Their patches, from Mercury to the latest ISS Expedition, are produced by the manufacturer who produces them for NASA, and they are of the highest quality. (If you want to make a great impression on the science teacher of that special young person in your life, download a portrait of Christa McAuliffe, caption it with her motto, “I touch the future, I teach,” purchase a Space Shuttle Program patch and a Mission 51-L patch from The Space Store, and present the framed set to the teacher. It’s far better than a gift certificate to Tim Horton’s). We purchased a “pumpkin suit” for Halloween and it was GREAT! It looked absolutely NASA issue! People loved it! Models, Medallions, Posters, Bumper Stickers, Children’s toys, Space themed apparel in all sizes – they have everything and anything! As for the Sci-Fi items, we all know that the active space advocacy community is not as large as we would like it to be, making it difficult to generate enough sales to continue in business. One could search their local Wal-Mart and Target for fifty years and not find 1% of the space related items offered by The Space Store, so if they have to sell other items, I don’t care if the sell Justin Bieber Bobbleheads and Duck Dynasty drinkware as long as I still have a reliable, honest source of high-quality reasonably-priced space-related items. Brett, the owner, is a great guy to deal with, he strives very hard to satisfy every customer. Thanks Jason for this information, and remember . . . Father’s Day! 🙂

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