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30th Annual Small Satellites Conference features description and support of Rocket Crafters Inc. (RCI) Intrepid-1 launch vehicle

Rocket Crafters' Intrepid-1

Image Credit: Rocket Crafters Inc.

LOGAN, Utah — At the recent 30th Annual Conference on Small Satellites held earlier this month, former astronaut and Rocket Crafters Inc. (RCI) CEO Sid Gutierrez, along with RCI Treasurer Paul Larsen, had the opportunity to describe the company’s Intrepid-1 launch vehicle to a very select audience. 

Rocket Crafters' Intrepid-1

Image Credit: Rocket Crafters Inc.

During a panel discussion on “The State of Small Dedicated Launch Vehicles”, Gutierrez identified the revolutionary characteristics inherent in the design of Intrepid-1 – safety, reliability, and affordability. He explained how RCI’s unique approach and patented additive manufacturing technology enables it to build a safe, reliable, and affordable launcher.

Gutierrez shared: “We don’t use dangerous hypergolic propellants like hydrazine or explosive solid-propellants either. We don’t use expensive high-speed turbopumps that are prone to failure, no cryogenics or cryogenic tanks and plumbing, items that only serve to drive up cost; and our launcher has only two moving parts per engine. We employ extensive use of factory robotics in manufacturing with minimal touch labor.”

Gutierrez pointed out that Intrepid-1 is also eco-friendly. With all those features, Intrepid-1 will still have the performance capability needed to deliver the industry’s smallsats to the orbits they desire on their schedules, Gutierrez added.

Larsen said: “Frustrated smallsat launch customers were excited to hear the news – it was exactly what they wanted to hear.”

After the panel discussion, a number of satellite brokers spoke with the two RCI executives about RCI meeting the needs of their existing and future customers. They also heard from individual launch customers looking for a solution to the smallsat launch choke point.

During the conference, many speakers – including one of the keynote speakers – expressed the opinion that liquid bi-propellant rocket technology is too expensive to develop and operate to meet the launch price point needed to make small satellites economically viable for the many anticipated missions.

Another speaker presented analysis supporting his conclusion that only hybrid rocket engines (like those being developed by RCI) possess the inherent characteristics to make this happen.

Gutierrez and Larsen reported that feedback from the potential launch customers and others they met with during the Conference confirmed and validated Rocket Crafters’ business strategy, plans, and Intrepid-1’s design specifications.

Video Courtesy of Rocket Crafters, Inc.


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