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Astronomy college homework guide: The best space documentaries

The cosmos image credit NASA

Image Credit: NASA

Space has always been perceived as an exceedingly fascinating place. If you need to solve some mysteries for your astronomy college homework, you should check out these best documentaries.

Stephen Hawking is known for his inspirational quote: “Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet.” It could not have been said better, but for those struggling with astronomy college homework, any mention of space could give one cold feet. It`s not an easy topic to study due to the complexity of the subject matter and the requirement of long hours of study that might make them regret having chosen this course.

But there’s a silver lining. What if you could enjoy a movie while learning what you need to know about the origins of the universe, the birth of stars, mysteries of black holes and the possibilities of life on other planets?

If you would prefer to binge watch some of the best space documentaries there are more than a few to choose from. An awesome college homework helper service will be thrilled to help you out. What are some of the better ones to escort you through cinematographic space?

BBC Horizon: Voyager Encounter with Jupiter

You`d think that the age of super innovative technologies in the sphere of cinematography is going to provide you with mind-blowing imagery of galaxies and solar systems by means of 3D graphics, impressive CGI, and many other modern tricks. However, this documentary was created in 1980 and it`s still considered one the best. Classics such as this might not give you that unbelievably realistic impression you`re actually traveling through the stars as the main point here is the narrative, the story and facts about one of humanity’s most successful space probes.

The Two Voyager spacecraft started their trip to Jupiter in 1977. Some 40 years later NASA is still tracking their journey through the universe. The twin technological emissaries carry information about the Earth, humanity, our activities, history, art, as well as recorded voice and music samples on board. 

Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking

What could be better than a trip to the stars? What would it be like to witness their power, their beauty, and their mystery? If you are going to take such a journey – you should do it with Stephen Hawking. The trip with Stephen Hawking is surely a winner. It`s an absolute must-watch, especially now, with the British scientist`s passing. Hawking has a witty sense of humor and a complete, clear understanding that he translated into an everyday, conversational tone. Combine these with an impeccable intellect and you have one of the best space documentaries produced.

So, to close, perhaps another Hawking quote is in order: “We may only be an advanced breed of monkey, living on a small planet, but we`re able to contemplate the universe as a whole, which makes us very special.”

Cosmos: A Personal Journey

What if you are interested in watching a documentary that won two Emmys? They don`t give away these awards for no reason and the show had another titan of astrophysics, Carl Sagan serve as the 1980 show’s host. Despite being almost 40 years old, the series is still considered to be one of the best and most thought-provoking productions in the history of television. The series consists of some thirteen episodes that simply won`t let you go. In fact, you`ll likely end up binge-watching all of them in one night. 

Cosmos: A Space-time Odyssey

If one mentions Carl Sagan` s work, then one should also note the TV-series of his successor Neil deGrasse Tyson. Tyson came up with a sequel to Sagan’s epic documentary and it also won numerous television awards. The show captures the imagination with some people claiming that it`s better than “Star Trek.” 

UFO`s: Out of the Blue

Many of you may not think that a documentary about extraterrestrial visitors should be included in a list with established scientific fact. Consider this, it`s important to broaden one’s outlook. Secondly, this documentary will provide you with a totally fresh look at the subject matter. UFO’s: Out of the Blue provides research-based arguments and the opinions of cosmologists. 

Journey to the Edge of the Universe

The National Geographic and Discovery Channels have a reputation of being the most trust-worthy and watch-worthy scientific TV-channels, so, naturally, they don`t broadcast anything but the highest quality content. Journey to the Edge of the Universe fits this mold perfectly with viewers falling in love with it within the first couple of minutes of watching. If you have wondered what`s happening in places beyond our reach, what distant galaxies might look like, why the universe is expanding and whether there is a limit of this expansion, then this movie should become your personal encyclopedia.


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