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Think failure isn’t an option? NASA has a job for you

NASA is hiring flight directors for its human spaceflight operations at the agency's Mission Control Center in Houston. Photo Credit: NASA

NASA has posted multiple positions for the roll of flight director for its human spaceflight operations at the agency’s Mission Control Center in Houston. Photo Credit: NASA

Have you ever envisioned yourself as one of NASA’s flight directors overseeing space exploration missions from Houston’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center? Well, now is your chance as the U.S. space agency has recently posted the flight director position on USAJobs.

The flight director heads teams of flight controllers, research and engineering experts, and support personnel around the world, and makes the real-time decisions critical to keeping NASA astronauts safe in space.

“Flight directors play a critical role in the success of our nation’s human spaceflight missions,” said Brian Kelly, director of Flight Operations at Johnson, in a NASA press release. “The job is tough, the responsibilities are immense, and the challenges can seem insurmountable. But the experiences and personal rewards are incredible.”

Whoever is chosen will lead human spaceflight missions in the new era of space exploration, which includes the introduction of American-made commercial crew spacecraft into the fleet of vehicles servicing the International Space Station, as well as Orion missions to the Moon and beyond.

Having a passion for all things space, while certainly helpful, is by no means sufficient to be considered. Applicants must be U.S. citizens with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in engineering, biological science, physical science, computer science or mathematics. They also will need substantial, progressively responsible NASA/space-related professional experience, and proven leadership skills in high-stress situations.  Military veterans apparently receive a measure of preferential consideration.

Applications must be received by April 17, 2018 to be considered. Selections will be announced by mid-2018.




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