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Blue Origin’s rocket factory begins to take shape in Florida

Artist's rendition of Blue Origin's New Glenn rocket factory

Artist’s rendition of Blue Origin’s New Glenn rocket factory. Image Credit: Blue Origin

In a recent e-mail, Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos shared pictures of the company’s 750,000-square-foot (69,677-square-meter) facility, which is being built at Exploration Park on Kennedy Space Center property.

Blue Origin will use the factory to manufacture the two-stage super-heavy-lift New Glenn launch vehicle. The New Glenn vehicles are expected to build on the reusability technologies that the company has been testing on its New Shepard suborbital vehicle in Texas.

Bezos proudly declared, “The team has made extraordinary progress—as you can see here, the first steel is now going up.” Bezos expects the rocket factory to be completed by the end of 2017.

Blue Origin's New Glenn rocket factory first steel

Blue Origin’s New Glenn rocket factory gets real with first steel. Photo Credit: Blue Origin



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