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Following schedule adjustment, Starlink now set to launch September 3

The Falcon 9 and Starlink payload are raised at LC 39A, but will need to wait a bit longer to fly. SpaceX has adjusted launch date, now set for September 3, 2020. Photo: Theresa Cross, SpaceFlight Insider.

SpaceX has officially shifted Tuesday’s planned launch of 60 Starlink internet satellites from pad 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Representatives from SpaceX wrote on Twitter, “Now targeting Thursday, September 3 at 8:46 a.m. EDT for launch of Starlink from Launch Complex 39A, pending Range acceptance — team is using additional time for data review.” Prior to the flight schedule change being made and published on Monday, members of the media had been out at the remote camera setup event at LC 39A. It is unclear whether there will be any need for additional

This is the second scrub for this mission in as many days; Sunday’s planned launch, the first in what was planned to be a back-to-back double launch day, pushed to Tuesday September 1 due to inclement weather during pre-flight operations.

Beyond this mission, Starlink 12 and Starlink 13 are currently scheduled for September 12 and 13 respectively, launch times TBD.

The Falcon 9 and Starlink payload, seen here raised at LC 39A on August 31, will need to wait a little bit longer to fly. SpaceX adjusted the planned launch date to September 3, 2020. Photo: Theresa Cross, SpaceFlight Insider.


Theresa Cross grew up on the Space Coast. It’s only natural that she would develop a passion for anything “Space” and its exploration. During these formative years, she also discovered that she possessed a talent and love for defining the unique quirks and intricacies that exist in mankind, nature, and machines. Hailing from a family of photographers—including her father and her son, Theresa herself started documenting her world through pictures at a very early age. As an adult, she now exhibits an innate photographic ability to combine what appeals to her heart and her love of technology to deliver a diversified approach to her work and artistic presentations. Theresa has a background in water chemistry, fluid dynamics, and industrial utility.

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Sandra Sue Countiss

Was there a launch on August 20. 2020?

Since then, SpaceX has already launched 715 satellites and plans to launch about 12,000 satellites into orbit and then expand the number to 42,000. The purpose of it is to provide the Internet around the world. Internal company tests show Starlink delivers 100 Mbps

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