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Facebook Live chat kicks off ‘Year of Education’ at ISS

International Space Station (ISS) as seen by STS-130 crew NASA photo posted on SpaceFlight Insider

The ISS in Earth orbit. Photo Credit: STS-130 / NASA

NASA’s Year of Education on Station kicked off on October 16, 2017, via Facebook Live, when NASA Public Affairs Officers Brandi Dean and Kirk Shireman contacted NASA astronaut Joe Acaba and European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Paolo Nespoli up at the ISS to talk with students and teachers across the nation about their lives on the station and the work they do.

“You may not always be the smartest person out there, but you can always be the one to work the hardest,” Acaba said when asked to give advice to the students watching. Acaba was a high and middle school teacher prior to coming to NASA and credits the experience as giving him the flexibility to work in stressful conditions.

Over the course of the interview, Acaba and Nespoli answered questions sent in from all across the country by teachers and students alike. These questions varied from teachers asking how they can better bring the sciences into the classroom, to students asking about the physics of a fidget spinner in space. Both Acaba and Nespoli participated in answering questions while demonstrating some of the tricks and effects of weightlessness.

When asked for closing remarks, Nespoli reminded everyone: “We’re just regular people that had the strength to have a dream and pursue it.” Both Acaba and Nespoli hope that the Year of Education on Station will push students to pursue jobs and subjects that they enjoy.




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Tout ce que je peux dire en comment cela c’est que rien n’est impossible à celui qui croit et pense que tout est possible.

Hi, great news! It’s rly cool – being a part of NASA!

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